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Automatic analysis of answers to open-ended questions.

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We market researchers know: Studies must be delivered faster and faster.
High-quality analysis of open-ended questions often leads to delays. This is where SMARTCODER provides support.

SMARTCODER automatically codes answers to open-ended questions in surveys.

Within moments the content of these answers is analyzed and accurate categories are created.

You will carry out your coding work in much less time and save costs.

Achieving Goals

SMARTCODER saves you time! Thousands of answers are analyzed in just a few minutes.

Smart Data

The Smart Data Engine - the brain of SMARTCODER - carries out an intelligent content analytics process and performs the appropriate coding for your surveys.


Refine efficiently and conveniently with the SMARTCODER editor.

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Subscription plans are billed monthly.
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200 answers / month
Learn to appreciate the advantages of automatic coding. No expiring trial or credit card required with access to all features.
The included credit allows you to process up to 200 answers per month – always free of charge.


Starting at € 275.00 / month

Select your individual number of answers / month
You have to cope with a large number of responses? Purchase a PROFESSIONAL plan and draw on plentiful resources.
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Frequently Asked Questions


SMARTCODER is an online service for analyzing free-text answers to open-ended questions in surveys. It performs a content analytics process of these answers and automatically generates a list of categories (=codes) and assigns appropriate codes to answers.

What does 'Answers per Month' mean?

The billing is based on the number of answers per open-ended question in your surveys. In other words, if your survey includes two open-ended questions and you have 150 responses (and you want to process both of the answers on all your responses) then 300 is withdrawn from your monthly credit of answers.

Do I have to sign up/log in to use SMARTCODER?

Yes. To use SMARTCODER you must register and create an account. Whenever you want to use SMARTCODER, please log in with your email and password.

How many responses should my survey contain?

There is no lower limit. However, it is recommended to perform the coding process on surveys with 100 answers per given question.

How do I check my current credit?

Your current credit can be checked in your user profile. Click on "Subscription" and your remaining credit in the current billing period is displayed.

What do I do if I need more answers per month?

If you have used up your credit of answers per month, you can always upgrade to a subscription plan with more credit. Just send us a message and we will provide you with a customized offer.

I need more than 200 answers per month. What should I do?

No problem! Just send us a message and we will provide you with a customized offer.

How can I find out how much I have already used of my credit?

Your remaining credit for the current billing period is shown in your user profile. In addition, an icon on the top, next to your user profile, graphically indicates your remaining credit.

How can I cancel my SMARTCODER subscription?

You can cancel your SMARTCODER subscription by sending us a message. Please state your customer number. Your account will be deactivated by the end of the current billing period and your subscription is canceled.

How long is a billing period?

SMARTCODER subscriptions are based on a monthly billing period.