About the smart.coder API

The smart.coder API enables developers to interact with the smart.coder service programmatically via simple HTTP requests. The API is available at https://api.max-recall.com/smartcoder/v1/. In order to get access to the smart.coder API, you need to create your free smart.coder account. After you have activated your account, your personal API access_key is accessible via the API cockpit. If you are already user of smart.coder you simply visit the API cockpit to retrieve your personal API access_key. Please do not share your key with others.

The API cockpit provides access to your API access_key and gives a summary of your smart.coder API usage. The usage statistics for the current month informs you about the number of free-text answers you have already processed. The API activity statement summarizes your API usage in the previous months. When clicking on the "Download" button, you get access to the respective invoice.

API cockpit